LED Light Multi-purpose Cap


* This stylish cap provides just the suitable light exactly where you are looking, leaving your hands free.

* The front light is convenience to read map or notice at dark

* The back light and front light make you visible at night so your companion can look for you easily during hiking or cycling.  It also can be used for emergency and safety purpose.

* Built-in led light , 5 LEDs are in front of the cap while another 2 are installed at the back of the cap

* Hands free LED caps are the perfect companions for late night strolls, hiking in the woods, out walking your dogs or at any night time event

* Our cap is perfect for men and women, the cap is made of high quality brushed cotton and an adjustable Velcro to ensure one size fits most.

* Scientific design, 2 switches, one is under the visor of a cap to control the lighting mode. The key switch is in the battery case of the cap to protect leakage.

* Different mode of light:  slow flashing, quick flashing, constant light

* Long using time:  the battery can be lasting for 20 hours





LED Light Multi-purpose Cap

Model : LMPC-001

Material: Custom cotton

Colour: Black/red/white/blue/grey/brown/yellow

Artwork: Custom embroidery, printing,

Back buckle: An adjustable Velcro enclosure to ensure one size fit most.

5 LEDs in front of the cap, 2 LEDs at the rear portion of cap

Net weight:   85g